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They work better together! Check out this SmallRig accessory kit for Canon

Camera accessory kits often include a camera cage that functions as a grip or mount for the camera, a fancy grip, a base plate, or a cable clamp. All of these accessory kits are designed to protect your camera, improve handheld usability, and provide a variety of mounting points for video accessories. Today we are going to give you an overview of one of our best products: SmallRig Black Mamba Handheld Kit for Canon EOS R5 C 3891, which is compatible with Canon EOS R5, Canon EOS R5 C and Canon EOS R6 .

This accessory kit for Canon cameras contains:

The Camera Cage

The camera cage of this SmallRig accessory kit is the SmallRig Black Mamba Camera Cage for Canon EOS R5 C 3890. The Black Mamba Camera Cage serves as the core of this grip kit, as it not only protects your camera in a certain measurement, but also provides multiple mounting points for other accessories. More details can be found below.

The Removable Base Plate

The removable base plate in the camera accessory kit offers flexible filming solutions as needed. With this removable base plate, balance and stability can be significantly improved. Additionally, all of these commonly used turning solutions are now available with the base plate, and you can now easily switch from horizontal to vertical mounting. Remember to remove the extended removable base plate first before attaching it to the DJI RS 2/RSC 2 or Arca-swiss compatible ball head tripod.

The cable clamp

For HDMI, BNC, power and other cables where repeated tugging could damage the camera, the Black Mamba Grip Kit's cable clamp serves as a versatile clamping mechanism to prevent accidental disconnections and ensure reliable transmission. stable signal.

The Top Handle

The SmallRig Top Handle is also an important part of the Black Mamba Accessory Kit team. It allows you to comfortably hold your camera assembly between shots and gives you different filming possibilities without tiring you out.

The Black Mamba Camera Cage, the Core of the Kit

As its name suggests, this camera cage is inspired by a black mamba, a snake that is elegant, agile and stylish with beautiful curves. The camera cage is designed to not only look cool, but also provide multiple mounting points for accessories. The cage contains silicone pads to prevent scratches, a 1/4″-20 locking screw, and locating pins to secure the camera. It consists of a front cage and a removable extended base plate, providing various shooting options when used together. The Black Mamba fits EOS R5 C components and provides full access to camera controls.

The Top Handle, Powerful Support Not to Be Missed

Now let's talk about the top handle. The ARRI top grip included in the kit is a significant achievement, as it is designed to enhance the grip experience. The lightweight, ergonomically designed top handle is comfortable to hold, facilitating low-angle shots and camera movements. Imagine this, if you have a monitor stand, microphone, LED light or other accessories, you might find yourself having one of the most enjoyable filming experiences, no matter the shooting angle.

How These Accessories Work Together

If the removable baseplate increases the balance and stability of the camera, then with a built-in Arca-Swiss quick release plate and removable baseplate, the SmallRig kit allows you to instantly go from shooting to shooting. hand to a tripod or stabilizer, from horizontal to vertical mounting easily and quickly, since an Arca tripod can be set up in the blink of an eye.

If you've ever been bothered by blockages, here's more good news. The non-blocking form-fitting design helps you press buttons and control the camera without the camera cage hindering your operation.


Professional or amateur photographers, we all know that photography requires not only skills, but also good equipment for optimal results. Investing in the SmallRig Black Mamba Grip Accessory Kit means durability, creativity and comfort, all of which greatly improve the quality and experience of filming. With SmallRig's decade of expertise and dedication to making photography an enjoyable experience, users are now free to apply different solutions according to their needs and preferences.

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