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Why do you need a custom camera plate?

Why Do You Need a Customized Camera Plate?

The dynamic world of photography and videography has called for different camera accessories. Some needs can be met with universal camera hardware, while others require custom solutions. In this article, we will discuss custom camera mounting plates, which are essential equipment between your camera and its supporting equipment, such as tripods, gimbals, and sliders. So why are custom options necessary for your shots? Let's find out in the next section.

Why do you need a custom camera mounting plate

1. Improved stability and security

Custom plates are designed for your camera model, unlike universal camera mounting plates. This means they are perfectly matched to each other, ensuring better compatibility with your camera's unique features and weight distribution. Such a precise fit reduces any potential movement between the camera and the camera mounting plate, resulting in improved stability and security for your cameras.

2. Improved ergonomics and workflow

A custom camera mounting plate is designed to provide a tailored fit for comfortable handling and efficient shooting. Additionally, it improves the ergonomics of the setup, as you can customize this camera rig to meet your specific needs. This helps you focus on capturing the perfect photo without any distractions. You can also strategically place mounting points for camera accessories such as monitors, simplifying your workflow.

3. Protection of photographic equipment

Another benefit of the perfect fit is reduced wear and tear between the two valuable pieces of photographic equipment it connects. Additionally, its enhanced secure fixation can work with the stability offered by the supporting equipment, effectively preventing accidental damage in the event of sudden shaking, vibration and impact.

How to choose a custom camera mounting plate

1. Compatibility with camera model

When choosing a custom camera mounting plate, compatibility with your camera is key. Different cameras may have specific mounting requirements, requiring different plate designs. Therefore, you must have knowledge like the difference between Arca Swiss vs. Manfrotto. In addition to this, consider the unique features and dimensions of your camera, ensuring that the custom camera mounting plate supports any accessories or modifications you may have added.

2. Shooting Scenario Considerations

Think about the shooting scenarios in which you will use the camera mounting plate. For example, if you frequently switch between shooting handheld and using a tripod or stabilizer, you may want to opt for a quick-release plate that offers compatibility with these accessories. Look for features like Arca-Swiss compatibility or a Manfrotto RC2 quick release system, depending on your gear preferences. This ensures smooth transitions between different configurations and improves the efficiency of your workflow.

3. Additional features and accessories

To maximize your investment, you can opt for custom camera mounting plates that offer additional features. For example, mounting plates that can be integrated with L-brackets and battery grips add versatility to your use. Optional mounting options for additional camera accessories like microphones and lights can help you customize your setup to fit your creative vision. Most importantly, features like quick-release mechanisms and anti-twist designs should be considered. They facilitate quick and secure camera attachment/detachment while reducing unwanted rotation or movement.

SmallRig camera plates for you

To get a better handle on custom camera mounting plates, let's take a look at some of our popular models, including:

– Quick Release Plate (Arca-type compatible) (SKU: 2146B)
– Arca-Swiss/Manfrotto compatible mounting plate kit (SKU: 4234)

If you have any personal ideas or problems to solve, we also offer professional customization services. Our recent collaboration with LensVid resulted in the Mini L-shaped Mounting Plate Kit. It helps secure camera elements at a compact 90-degree angle. Although small in size, it offers immense possibilities with its integrated 1/4″-20, 3/8″-16 screws and retractable locating pins.


To summarize, a custom camera mounting plate is an essential investment for anyone who is serious about achieving optimal stability and performance in their photography and videography projects. If you need help, SmallRig will be happy to offer solutions. In fact, we have mature experience in offering custom-made camera accessories through our DreamRig free customization project.

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