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Enhance your FUJIFILM X100VI/X100V with the latest accessories from SmallRig

Elevate Your FUJIFILM X100VI/X100V with SmallRig's Latest Accessories

The right accessories really make a difference in your camera's potential and its ability to change your shooting experience.

This year, SmallRig teamed up with Fujifilm and launched a cool and smart new lineup for the newly released FUJIFILM X100VI and X100V cameras. This represents an alliance that necessarily excites every photographer, combining functionality, ergonomics and design.

Our collaboration with Fujifilm is driven by both parties' shared commitment to providing photographers with the most innovative accessories to support and enhance their creative work. Working closely with Fujifilm, we have designed a series that perfectly matches customers' needs for accessories that work well with FUJIFILM X100VI and X100V cameras.

Come and discover what’s new to come

– L-shaped grip for FUJIFILM X100VI / X100V
Designed to provide a comfortable and secure grip, SmallRig's L-shaped grip is a real asset for FUJIFILM X100VI and X100V users. Made of quality aluminum alloy, it is constructed with an L-shaped design with an ergonomic arc to fit the palm and provide a stable holding position without fatigue. Additionally, it comes with an Arca-Swiss quick release plate equipped with multiple threaded holes for accessing various accessories and tripods.

– Thumb grip for FUJIFILM X100VI / X100V
Take your shooting experience to a new level with the SmallRig Thumb Grip. This accessory fits comfortably in the camera hot shoe and remains secure and stable. Superior grip and control for easy one-handed shooting, with a contoured shape and textured thumb grip. The special brand logo and a complimentary red shutter button cover designed concavely for added safety are a tribute to Fujifilm.

– “Retro” cage for FUJIFILM X100VI
As a tribute to Fujifilm's rich heritage, here is the “Retro” Cage for the FUJIFILM X100VI. Carefully crafted through a multi-layer electroplating process and final polishing, this cage exudes a retro atmosphere that perfectly complements the camera's retro design. Equipped with an ergonomic wooden handle and various integrated interfaces for mounting accessories, the “Retro” Cage perfectly combines functionality and style.

– Leather cover kit for FUJIFILM X100VI
Protect your FUJIFILM X100VI in style with the SmallRig Leather Case Kit. Made from premium leather, this cover not only protects your camera, but also adds a touch of elegance to your equipment. The Leather Cover Kit offers convenient features like Velcro and magnetic installation methods, as well as tripod compatibility. Please note that the protective cover has a lens inner diameter of 63mm and a depth of 21mm, so you should test whether your lens with a UV filter can fit within this range.

All these SmallRig accessories for the FUJIFILM X100VI and X100V are very easy to install without any difficulty. They have all aspects to protect your camera from unnecessary scratches, thus keeping your camera in good working condition to provide you with good service.

Improve your photography experience
As Fujifilm celebrates its 90th anniversary, this new camera cage and accessories for the FUJIFILM X100VI do more than add texture, safety and comfort. We draw from Fujifilm's rich history to deliver a physical homage intended to tug on the strings of nostalgia while being at the cutting edge of modernity. Whether you're outdoors, strolling the city streets for casual shots, or on a professional edit, these SmallRig accessories add that little extra to the shoot that will allow you to capture your vision in style and finesse.

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