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LED lighting


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Smallrig Mini Parabolic Softbox RA-D60 4682

Quick disassembly thanks to the quick release lock Compact design for easy portability Internal diffuser for soft, even light Compatible with…

Smallrig Mini Square Soft Box 4545 Soft 4683

Quick disassembly with lock Compact size Soft light diffusion Compatible with SmallRig LED lights Easy to transport and install...

Smallrig Portable and Focusable RF 10C LED Video Light, 4634

Compact and lightweight design ABS and aluminum alloy material Portable LED lighting Adjustable focus Easy to use…

Smallrig Hyper Reflector 4089

- High performance reflector for optimal light diffusion - Compact and lightweight design for easy portability - Suitable for indoor use…

SmallRig Grip Handle for RC 60B 4531

- Can be securely fixed on RC 60B: equipped with a 1/4" threaded head at the top, it can lock and securely fix RC 60B. In…

SmallRig Light Stand Adapter for RC 60B 4530

• Can be securely attached to RC 60B: equipped with standard 1/4" threaded head and Arri pins, it can lock…

Smallrig Silicone Diffuser for RC 60B 4529

The initial price was: €14,90.The current price is: €14,30.
- Portable design for soft and light lighting. - Silicone diffuser for uniform diffusion of light. - Compatible with RC 60B 4529…

Smallrig Light Stand with Extendable Arm 4344 RA-C330

The initial price was: €176,90.The current price is: €169,82.
- Strong stainless steel arm, weighing 1,0 kg - Highly compatible 1/4" and 3/8" threaded holes - Universal ball joint with deep gear clamp,…

Smallrig Vibe P96L Small RGB Video Light (Tripod Plus Edition) 3861B

- Full color RGB + 7 scenes, 21 types of lighting effects - Tripod compatible - Precise brightness and color settings - Rechargeable battery…

Smallrig Small LED lamp Pix M160 RGBWW 3157

- CCT range from 2500K to 8500K - RGBWW color control - Adjustable light intensity - Battery or mains powered - High luminous flux…

Smallrig Vibe P96 3286B LED Video Light

- Adjustable color temperature from 2700 to 6500K - Equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery - Adjustable brightness to meet different lighting needs - Lightweight and…

Smallrig Mini RM01 3469 LED Video Light Kit

- Lighting kit for three-point lighting - Mini LED Video Light for optimal brightness - Easy to transport and use - Adjustable settings…

Smallrig Vibe P96L 3489B RGB Video Light

1. Slim and lightweight integrated design, only 11mm thick, meeting your needs for carrying and taking photos on the go. 2. [Insert…

Smallrig Small Magnetic RGB Smart LED Light RM75 3290

- Smart, easy-to-use control - Magnetic RGB LED light - Precise control of brightness, color temperature and custom colors -…

Smallrig Small LED Video Light Mini RM01 3405

- Equipped with professional lighting accessories. - Lightweight and compact. - Precise brightness adjustment. - Built-in rechargeable battery. - Easy assembly on multiple supports.…

Smallrig Small COB light RC120D (EU) 3612.

The initial price was: €164,44.The current price is: €115,10.
- Maximum illumination distance from bare light source of 5 lux at 370 meter distance - Impressive increase in illumination to 1…

Smallrig Small Light RC120B COB (EU) 3615

- Maximum illuminance of 4 lux at a distance of 450 meter (1 feet) - Impressive illuminance of 3,3 lux with the hyper-boost reflector -…

Smallrig Parabolic Softbox 3585 type RA-D55

- Latest generation quick release lock design - Ultra-economical pressure structure for simplified installation and disassembly - Saves time and…

Smallrig Parabolic Softbox RA-D85 3586

- Latest generation design with a quick release mechanism for simplified installation and disassembly. - Ultra-economical support structure allowing installation and…

Smallrig Lantern Softbox RA-L65 3754

- High performance soft lighting fabric - Highly reflective coating - 360° spherical uniform light effect - Large light diffusion scale…

Smallrig Light RC220D COB (EU) 3618 + free control panel

- Illumination distance of 1 meter with a maximum brightness of 10 lux - Using a hyper reflector to achieve an impressive brightness of…

Smallrig Small Light RC220B COB (EU) 3621

- Maximum illuminance of 8 lux at a distance of 670 meter (1 ft) - Impressive increase in illuminance to 3,3 lux after…

Smallrig RA-S280 Air-Dampening Light Stand 3736

- Safety air cushion for shock absorption. - Light stand with cushioning function. - Compact and lightweight design. - Height adjustable to fit…

Smallrig Air Cushioned Light Stand with Arm 3737 RA-S280A

- Shock absorption ensured thanks to a safety air cushion. - Light support with integrated arm. - Strong and durable construction. - Height adjustable…

Smallrig Rectangular Softbox RA-R6090 – Softbox 3930

- Large size: 60*90cm - Rectangular design - Perfect for diffusing light evenly - Easy to install and use - Ideal for filming…
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