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Magic Arms


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Smallrig Desktop Magic Arm Kit with Crab Clamp 4766

Two-section adjustable magic arm (56,0 cm / 22,0 in) with flexible angles Crab claw attachment for…

Smallrig Crab Pliers with Magic Arm 4454

Anti-twist design Crab-shaped clamp Magic arm included Easy installation Strong, durable construction...

Smallrig HawkLock H21 Quick Release Magic Arm with Ball Head 4488

Roller pin positioning technology Magic arm with ball head Exclusive patented quick release mechanism Improved stability Enhanced security…

Smallrig Quick Release Magic Arm with Rosette - 11 Inch Length (4489)

Exclusive quick release system for smooth and secure movement Magic arm with rosette for solid fixation Compatible with various accessories thanks to…

Smallrig Quick Release Magic Arm Rosette HawkLock H21 (7″) 4490

Exclusive quick release slide with rolling pins for smooth movement and secure vertical locking, ensuring stability and security. Arm…

SmallRig Crab-Shaped Clamp Kit with Ballhead Magic Arm 1138B

1138B Product Description I. Product Name: Product Name in Package: SmallRig Crab-Shaped Super Clamp Kit (with Ballhead Magic Arm) 1138B Product Name in Marketing: SmallRig…

SmallRig Drop-in HawkLock mini Magic Arm with Quick Release Ball Head 3515C

3515B SmallRig Drop-in HawkLock mini Magic Arm with Quick Release Ball Head 3515B Key Features: 1.Optional dowel pins effectively prevents devices deflection 2.Quickly locked and…

Smallrig Articulating Arm (5,5 inch) 2065B

- Equipped with 1/4" screws on both sides respectively. - 5,5" articulating arm. - Robust construction for increased durability. - Easily adjustable and lockable…

Smallrig Articulating Arm (9,8 in) 2066B

- 1/4"-20 screws on both ends - 9,8" articulating arm - Strong, durable construction - Easy to adjust and lock - Compatible with…

Smallrig Articulating Arm with Screw Ball Joint and NATO Ball Joint Clamp 2071B

- Consisting of a ball joint with 1/4" screw, a ball joint with NATO clamp and a ball joint clamp. - Allows solid and easily adjustable fixation of…

Smallrig Universal Magic Arm with Small Ball Joint 2157

- Rotate at any angle - Universal magic arm - Small and handy ballhead - Supports light to medium loads - Ideal for attaching light equipment…

Smallrig Double Ball Head Articulating Arm (1/4”-20 Screw) 2070B

- 1/4"-20 mounting screws on each end. - Articulating arm with two ball heads. - Easy to adjust and lock. - Strong, durable construction. - Compatible…

Smallrig Universal Magic Arms with Small Ball Joint (2-Piece Pack) 2158

- Supports rotation at any angle - Universal articulating arm - Includes ball mount - 2-piece pack - Compatible with the SmallRig Universal…

Smallrig Mini Magic Arm with Universal Ball Head 3238

- Compact and space-saving, easy to carry. - Versatile magic arm for various uses. - Universal ball head for easy angle adjustment. - Construction…

Smallrig Dual Cold Shoe Magic Arm 3483B

- Universal Dual Cold Shoe Mount: Works as an extension bar mount to attach two equipment simultaneously, suitable for mini LED lights,…

Smallrig Magic Arm with Double Ball Head (1/4″-20 Screw) 3873

- Extendable pins on both accessory holders to prevent twisting and ensure safety. - Double ball head for great flexibility…

Smallrig Magic Arm with Double Ball Head (1/4''-20 Screw and ARRI Locator Screw) 3874

- Extendable pins on both accessory holders to prevent rotation and ensure safety. - Double ball head with 1/4''-20 screw and…

Smallrig Magic Arm with Two Ball Heads (1/4”-20 Screw and NATO Clamp) 3875

- 1/4”-20 threaded hole with extendable pins to prevent twisting - NATO clamp to keep accessories secure - Magic arm with two heads…

Smallrig Magic Arm for Sony FX6 / FS5 / FS5 II 4123

- Designed for FX6/FS5/FS5 II, convenient to attach monitor, wireless transmitter and other accessories. - Stable and secure assembly…
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