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An In-Depth Look at SmallRig's Annual DreamRig Program Awards

A Closer Look at SmallRig's DreamRig Program Annual Awards

Content creation is constantly evolving, and providing a platform for creators to express their ideas is important to unlock limitless possibilities. SmallRig is at the forefront of empowering creators through the DreamRig program. Since the program launched in 2017, it has attracted 1325 DreamRiggers collaborating on 2788 creative projects, resulting in 40 exceptional DreamRig products that have provided photography accessories and equipment solutions to more than 180 users worldwide.

In 2023, as we reflect on DreamRig's collaborative journey, we have collected many valuable design insights and introduced many exceptional photography accessories. In recognition of these achievements, we proudly host the annual DreamRig Project Awards, aimed at celebrating the exceptional contributions of creators around the world. Seven DreamRiggers were honored for their exceptional product designs combining creativity and practicality. Let's take a closer look at these innovative, award-winning products.

SmallRig Annual DreamRig Program Awards

– Best DreamRig Product Design 2023: AirTag Cage

Designed by DreamRigger Owen Hunte, the AirTag Cage 4149 won Best Product Design for DreamRig 2023. This cleverly designed cage provides secure protection and easy installation for Apple AirTags, allowing content creators to keep up their photographic equipment easily. Made of durable aluminum alloy with scratch-resistant padding, it holds the AirTag securely while keeping the camera gear lightweight. The rotating mounting point allows for flexible and adjustable installation, making the cage compatible with various equipment, camera cages and stabilizers. With this SmallRig cage, creators can track their precious items without adding bulk.

– Best DreamRig Product Design 2023: Quick Release Plate (Arca-Type Compatible) for AirTag

Designed by DreamRigger Peter Steeper, the Quick Release Plate (Arca-Type Compatible) 4150 also received the DreamRig 2023 Best Product Design Award. As the name suggests, this mounting plate features a quick release design of Arca type, perfectly hiding the AirTags at the bottom of the camera while allowing connection to tripods. The quick release feature ensures secure locking with a simple flip of the lever, allowing creators to attach AirTags and improve gear organization seamlessly.

– Best DreamRig Product Design 2023: SmallRig x Mikevisuals Extension Arm Kit for Motion Shooting

Co-created by Mikevisuals, the SmallRig x Mikevisuals 4362 Extension Arm Kit also won DreamRig's Best Product Design award for the year. This kit offers content creators a fully balanced extension arm solution for capturing smooth moving shots. Devices at both ends can be freely adjusted and fixed 360°, with two additional 11-inch rosette arms for added versatility. Additionally, this SmallRig magic arm can be shortened to 37 cm when not in use, facilitating storage and portability. With an extended extension range from 70 to 49 cm, the kit meets lens focal length requirements in different shooting scenarios, providing creators with a wider perspective for dynamic moving shots.

– Exceptional DreamRig DreamRigger: Adjustable Electronic Viewfinder Mount with NATO Clamp

Finally, the Adjustable Electronic Viewfinder Mount with NATO Clamp 3507, designed by DreamRigger Ian Roche, stood out for its multifunctionality. This mount integrates with most cameras, securely holding screens, electronic viewfinders or other accessories with an adjustable viewing angle. Notably, the mount uses widely compatible dual NATO clamps, allowing for quick assembly and disassembly of the electronic viewfinder mount and installation anywhere without NATO rails. The mount offers 360-degree adjustments through three pivot points, meeting various monitoring orientation needs. This sturdy and convenient mounting method provides creators with greater flexibility and stability in different scenarios.

These award-winning products illustrate how our DreamRig program helps creators develop solutions that fully meet their needs through user-centered innovation. DreamRig products offer thoughtful design, practical functionality and convenience that enrich content creation.

Let's take stock of SmallRig's achievements in 2023

The end of the DreamRig Program awards marks another successful year for SmallRig. In 2023, we made major progress in product innovation, community building and social responsibility.

In product development, we continued to release new camera accessories at a staggering pace. In 2023, we introduced a total of 221 new camera accessories, providing solutions to nearly 4 million content creators. This year, we have obtained a remarkable total of 58 design patents and 8 special inventions. From stabilizers to lighting equipment, we have expanded our product line to meet users' video needs while pushing the boundaries of advanced technology.

When it comes to community engagement, the DreamRig program has 156 professional creators around the world, bringing localized perspectives and fostering collaborative effects. We also hosted 67 offline events, covering a distance of 11 kilometers, making meaningful connections on a global scale.

Regarding social responsibility, we have adopted 2,6 million eco-friendly kraft paper boxes to replace plastic packaging in support of low-carbon and sustainable packaging in 2023. Looking ahead , we will continue this sustainable practice and strive to develop other environmentally friendly initiatives.

Let's look to the future and the possibilities ahead

The success of this year's DreamRig program highlights the power of co-creation and the heights we can reach by collaborating with creators around the world. DreamRig products with ingenious designs represent the new creative capabilities.

As SmallRig continues to expand the DreamRig program, we look forward to discovering more innovative and revolutionary photography accessories in 2024, providing diverse content creators with more creative and practical photography solutions. We encourage you to explore our products, interact with our community of creators in the SmallRig Facebook Community, and share your expectations, ideas, and suggestions for SmallRig. In 2024, let's witness the continued development of camera accessories for the future of content creation.

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